Welcome to steph.com

I bought the domain name "steph.com" back in 1997. I was working at Real Networks and decided that I wanted to own steph. I bought it from Networking Solutions (then internic.net) and have had it hosted, if not actually up, ever since then.

Is Steph.com for sale?

Well, for the right price it is, but I don't have any plans on selling it.

Can I get an email account hosted on steph.com?

Yes, for $15/month. Your name has to have "Steph" in it. Contact me for details. No spammers!

What do you do about all the people who fill out web forms with steph.com as their email address?

Refuse the service (easy if it's Yahoo!) or block the mailing address.

Do you have any relationship to steph.net or steph.org or steph.tv.

No, I don't. As far as I know, steph.com was the first internet domain named steph. New extensions are opening up all the time, so if you want a steph domain name there are still opportunities out there.