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A handy site for determining your latitude and longitude.
Official US Time
The NIST web site that shows the official time for the US.
A tutorial on XML Schemas
How to put Audio and Video into your web pages.
I worked on the 1.0 version of this standard. The 2.0 version is much better.
But html5 will be the way to go.
The internet engineering task force defines the protocols used on the internet.
Look here for draft proposals of new standards and current versions of existing standards.
Real Networks
Anyone else remember a Player Plus in a box?
Java Script tutorial
A nice intro to Javascript.
Validate your html at the W3c
Of course, ironically, this page does not validate.
Pair Networks
my current isp for these pages
But I'm switching over to Brinkster because they are cheaper.
Web Hosting By Brinkster

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